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In Silberauto offices you can also pick up a used vehicle. The selection of our major brands is most extensive, including passenger cars and vehicles for economic and commercial purposes. We offer a variety of vehicles with factory warranty and you can also purchase additional warranty from Marsh insurance company. The vehicles on offer have passed technical inspection, however, when choosing a used car it is always essential to take into account its age and mileage. 

We can deliver the vehicle you are interested in to your local Silberauto office. Silberauto is not engaged in commission sale, but when buying a new vehicle we estimate cost of your old vehicle, offer a proposal to purchase it and then help to resolve all the issues as to the return of the used vehicle and purchase of the new one.

Silberauto offers the following used vehicles:



Mercedes Benz Silberauto Chrysler Silberauto Jeep Silberauto Dodge Silberauto Mitsubishi Silberauto Mitsubishi Silberauto Lancia Silberauto Maserati