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Cooperation between AS Silberauto and the Union of Estonian Skiers began in 2002. In accordance with the signed agreement on cooperation Silberauto is the major sponsor and the official automobile partner of the Union of Estonian Skiers. Thus, Silberauto has the exclusive right to supply cars both to the top management of the Union of Estonian Skiers, and to sportsmen, the head coach and technical staff of the Estonian National A-class Team in cross-country skiing. Estonian Olympic champions Kristiina Šmigun-Vähi and Andrus Veerpalu as well as such well-known skiers as Jaak Mae and Mati Alaver drive Mercedes-Benz. Timo Simonlantseri and Anti Saarepuu enjoy Mitsubishi cars, while Peeter Kümmelit and Aivar Rehemaad drive Dodge. Daily work of the technical staff is eased by Mercedes-Benz Vito cars.


Estonian Cyclists Union

As a result of extensive cooperation projects AS Silberauto has made a significant contribution to the development of cycling in Estonia. Since 2005, AS Silberauto has been the sponsor general of the Estonian Cyclists Union. Cooperation with the Union began with the transport assurance activities for major events, during which quite a number of specific vehicles is required, for example, vehicles for referees, doctors, reporters etc. Due to the wide range of vehicle models and brands Silberauto is virtually the only automotive company, whose vehicle fleet complies with the rules of conducting sports events at the international level.



dsc_1830Estonian Tennis Association

The best Estonian tennis players who also achieved worldwide fame in recent years, have contributed much to raising the prestige and popularity of the sport. Silberauto is also engaged in this supporting activity of the Estonian Tennis Association. Since 2007 Silberauto has been the golden sponsor of the Estonian Tennis Association. We support both the top Estonian tennis players and the young. The players and tennis clubs use Chrysler Group LLC vehicles. 

dsc_0280Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Established in 1925, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit association serving the interests of businessmen. Its purpose implies promotion and protection of the common interests of Estonian businessmen in the society as a whole, and before lawmakers of Estonia and the European Union. Since its establishment, AS Silberauto has been a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, actively participating in activities of the Chamber, in organization of sporting events, annual spring balls and events celebrating opening of the season.



fjyjer4a99243acce3eEstonian Windsurfing Association

Cooperation between AS Silberauto and the Estonian Windsurfing Association has been carried out since 2001. In 2001, the sponsored event was called Vito Cup 2001. Further, Estonian Championships of ‘Formula’ class were mainly supported. In addition, Ladies' Surf competition was supported as well as the Ice and Snow Surfing World Cup held twice in Estonia in 2003 and 2007. 




Estonian Olympic Committee
olympiaAS Silberauto and the Estonian Olympic Committee began cooperation in 2009. By means of its support Silberauto seeks to glorify Estonia as well as to participate in promotion of the Olympic movement and to contribute to the world's sporting achievements of the country. Within this cooperation Silberauto also acts both as the vehicle assurance partner and the sponsor. Olympic champions Tõnu Endreksoni and Jüri Jaansoni drive two reliable Mitsubishi Outlanders.


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