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  • AS Silberauto aims to help the needy, to support innovative ideas and to inspire the best representatives in the field for achievement of their highest goals. Silberauto company and its trademark support the following areas:

    • technical training and technology development;

    • safety and driving culture;

    • innovative and recognized Estonia.

    When selecting sponsor projects for the presented trademarks, we proceed from the following:

    • We anticipate a project to have a clearly defined target audience coinciding with the target audiences of a brand presented;

    • We prefer projects that are of importance to the residents of Estonia;

    • We expect the result of a project to be worthy of attention across Estonia and claim for value on a global scale;

    • We prefer projects, cooperation in which is partially or completely connected with our main professional activity;

    • We appreciate the opportunity to entertain our loyal customers with this activity, for example, in the form of a memorable contest, concert or other event;

    • We strive for balance in the areas of our sponsorship, so that our assistance would not become monotonous;

    • In the first place, we continue to work with previous well-proven partners and projects;

    • We are pleased if there is a reliable and beloved patron for the project;

    • We do not want to be a competitor of another automobile company, which already is a partner in a project;

    • We do not participate in projects that do not support the basic social values ​​and Silberauto values​​.
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