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Silberauto seeks to establish and maintain good and long-term relationships with its customers and partners to ensure maximum benefit for all parties. Silberauto strategic objectives are based on the following priority values​​:

  • Customer focus – we do the thinking based on the needs of our customers and the aim of our work is a success, resulting from the long and pleasant dealing and cooperation with our customers.
  • Reliability – customers trust us because of the quality of our products, services and work.
  • Professionalism – there is always something to strive for. Professionalism is not a constant factor of success, it is rather expressed by ambitions for continuous self-improvement.
  • Novelty and originality – no solution should remain unchanged, we will consider and evaluate all the new ideas with our peculiar approach.
  • Flexibility – flexibility means the ability to carry out the necessary re-evaluation and tactical maneuvers to achieve a better result, while not losing the aim out of sight.
  • Environmental friendliness – we all live on one planet, our goal is to make the environment better, and not pollute it.
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