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Silberauto Group is a private company based on Estonian capital. In terms of consolidated turnover, it is one of the largest vehicle selling companies in the Baltics. AS Silberauto is a servicing company, the share of equity capital in which exceeds the average value and which is known for its conservative financial policy. Krediidiinfo, the Estonian credit bureau has ranked AS Silberauto the highest giving AA rating as regards economic, financial and repayment performance. As of 2006, AS Silberauto was chosen the best wholesale company, whereas in 2008 the company ranked the third on the list of the most successful retailers in Estonia. At present, the year of 2007 remains the most successful for AS Silberauto, as then the group has achieved consolidated turnover of 5.3 billion EEK (338.7 million EUR) due to having sold over 5500 new and 2500 used cars. Servicing and sales in the Estonian market make over 70% of Silberauto turnover, whereas the group employs almost 500 people.

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